A New Beginning

To the entire internet,

As I’ve grown up, my book blog meant a great deal to me. Starting out in twenty-fifteen (2015), the blog was an escape from my A-level studies and an outlet for all the reading I found myself doing. Three wonderful years later, I’m still here, doing what I love with a bigger passion for it than ever before.

   A great deal of time, effort and sacrifice was put into my first blog – and now here I am, shedding the skin from my baby and starting up this very new one. But why have I done this? My previous blog was a success, with over a hundred readers every month. Why would I give all that up to restart?

    Change can not come soon enough. My first blog has been dormant for a long time – because of a plethora of reasons. Yet the most concerning one is, is that of a mental illness. A few months ago I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety – a diagnosis that crept up on me and swallowed me into the depths of my inner darkness. My blog, my precious, darling blog was proof of the person I had become – and how I had all but given up on everything. I had no effort to escape into my books.

   This is my fresh start; a new leaf being turned over. The effort I will place into this will be a lot stronger than what my first blog consisted of. I want to rebuild what I am giving up and share my opinions with the world. Change is good for me – this is good for me. There will be people who read this and have no idea who I am, and there will be people who see the re-uploading of old content and claim plagiarism from my former blog.

   Still, this has to be done.

I look forward to both the future, and the peaceful oblivion of reading.

Love always,
Cody x


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