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This book blog is only going to keep growing as a library of reviewed fiction. Here, we will be linking in the ten most recent book reviews posted to this page.

There will be links allowing you view these. For a full list of our posts, visit the Review Stream. Alternatively, a list of every review (in alphabetical order) can be found in our Review Archive.

   Happy Reading x


Image result for the yearbook committee sarah ayoub banner Review No. #0061
Title | The Yearbook Committee
Author | Sarah Ayoub
Genre | YA Contemporary, Romance
Pages | 268
Publisher | HarperCollins
Series | None
Release Date | March 1st, 2016


Image result for tone deaf olivia rivers bannerReview No. #0060
Title | Tone Deaf
Author | Olivia Rivers
Genre | YA Contemporary, Romance, SEND
Pages | 288
Publisher | Sky Pony Press
Series | None
Release Date | May 3rd, 2016


51PtM5KoEJLReview No. #0059
Title | All the Promises We Break
Author | Brenda Benny
Genre | YA Contemporary
Pages | 250
Series | I hope so!
Publisher | Liddle Book Press
Release Date | October 16th, 2018


28386799Review No. #0058
Title | Not Okay, Cupid
Author | Heidi R. Kling
Genre | YA Contemporary, Romance
Pages | 234 pages
Publisher | Entangled: Crush
Series | None
Release Date | January 11th, 2016


30339479 Review No. #0057
Title | You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone
Author | Rachel Lynn Solomon
Genre | YA Contemporary
Pages | 304 pages
Publisher | Simon Pulse
Series | None
Release Date | January 2nd, 2018


36691530 Review No. #0056
Title | Copycat
Author | Hannah Jayne
Genre | YA Contemporary, Mystery, Thriller
Pages | 288 pages
Publisher | Sourcebooks FIRE
Series | None
Release Date | July 3rd, 2018


Image result for everything under the sun book cover

Review No. #0055
Title | Everything Under the Sun
Author | Jessica Redsmerski
Genre | NA Science Fiction, Romance
Pages | 656 pages
Publisher | Amazon Digital Services
Series | None
Release Date | June 5th, 2018Star-Divider

Image result for sing vivi greene book cover

Review No. #0054
Title | Sing
Author | Vivi Greene
Genre | YA Contemporary Romance
Pages | 279 pages
Publisher | HarperCollins
Series | None
Release Date | May 31st, 2016


Review No. #0053
Title | A Son of Carver
Author | Haven Francis
Genre | YA Contemporary Romance
Pages | 546 pages
Publisher | CreateSpace Independant Publishing Inc
Series | Carver High, #2
Release Date | May 17th, 2016

Star-DividerImage result for big fat liar book cover
Review No. #0052
Title | Big Fat Liar
Author | Cookie Moretti
Genre | Adult Contemporary Romance
Pages | 352 pages
Publisher | CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Series | None
Release Date | June 17th, 2015



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