Personal Life

I have a life away from my blogging; shocking I know.

When I’m not reading books, I’m taking anti-depressants and cuddling my cat. I work in the legal sector part-time, as well as studying for my Qualifying Law Degree at my local university. Long story short; I’m a pretty busy girl.

I’ve always loved reading, ever since I pictured up my first picture book in my toddler years. I can’t tell you about the endless pictures there are of my tucked up on the sofa with a good story. Reading is my outlet – my coping mechanism.

On the weekends, I travel an hour and a half to see my other-half. Perhaps more important to me than anything on this blog, he has the ability to make me smile more than anyone in the world. I cannot imagine my life with him – and I’m ever so blessed to have him.

If you want to see more of my adventures, make sure to follow my personal instagram @codynicolebenson

Love always,
Cody x


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